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Sharing a Vision….

What legacy are you ready to leave to next generations?

Dear Visitor,
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to We Owe it to Egypt’s website, viewing this letter means that you are already a member of our family of contributors.

In 2007, we celebrated the launch of "We Owe it to Egypt" foundation. Although established by Arab African International Bank, its scope and objectives extend far beyond the bank's identity. Its primary goal is to enact a nation-wide initiative that inspires and mobilizes the public as well as the corporate sector towards making a fundamental and positive difference in the fields of public health and education in Egypt.

“We Owe it to Egypt” foundation is backed by a practical experience of diligent work and dedicated efforts undertaken by the bank since January 2004 when it started the renovation of Cairo University Specialized Pediatrics Hospital (Abou El Reesh), with the vision of transforming it to one close to international quality standards. Today, “We Owe it to Egypt’s” effort in Abou El Reesh is not limited to only funding quality infrastructure, but also upgrading the hospital's services and providing training human resources development opportunities. Our approach involves much more than material donations. It is our focused and systematic efforts to attend to details in the upgrade and renovation process which allows to reach a much higher level of understanding of the challenges.

The foundation is now focused on two other projects in addition to Abou El Reesh: the National Cancer Institute and Urology and Nephrology Center of Mansoura University. You will find much information about these projects and our work methodology throughout the website.

One of the most important aspects of our development process is the keen persistence that we have on managing resources, building sustainable systems and structures and most importantly developing a sense of ownership and sincere commitment to make the positive change happen. Day by day, a learning curve is being developed. Incrementally, a blue print for a model is being formulated and with it the hope that it could be emulated, built on and shared with other corporations and government entities in the future across other public sector hospitals that we aspire to renovate together.

While I am confident that most corporations and individuals have their own corporate social responsibility and charity work agendas, we cannot deny that the overall result when it comes to health and education falls short of what we aspire for Egypt. Streamlining the efforts and resources of the private sector by unifying direction and methodology will create synergies that could give a new meaning to corporate social responsibility in Egypt.

“We Owe it to Egypt” is a call for collective action; an invitation for corporations and individuals nationwide to join and seize the opportunity to build our generation's legacy and have a chapter of history written about our incessant and sincere attempts as organizations to “make a difference”.

After all, We all Owe it to Egypt.

Hassan Abdalla
Chairman of the Board of Trustees